07 August 2009

Destroy All Monsters 1974 - 1976

Reissue of the long out of print 3CD box set of classic and rare Destroy All Monsters.

Destroy All Monsters 1974-1976 is a re-pressing of the long out of print 1996 boxed set by this seminal noise/avant-rock group composed of artists Mike Kelley, Cary Loren, Niagara and Jim Shaw. It was previously issued on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace! label and is now reissued on the band's label The End is Here. These are early low-fi vintage recordings by Destroy All Monsters when they lived and performed at "God's Oasis" in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Almost too good to be true, the cream of the crop of pre punk American Midwest weirdness.

If you missed out in 76 and 96, get on board now!

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