15 July 2009

The New Christs Set To Release First Studio Album in Over Five Years

Former Radio Birdman front man, Rob Younger provides another classic Australian Rock 'n' Roll masterpiece.

Impedance and MVD Audio are pleased to announce the release of The New Christs "Gloria" for North American distribution on August 11, 2009. The latest effort from Australia's Punk/Alternative fivesome is their first studio album in over five years.

It has been an interesting journey since Radio Birdman front man Rob Younger formed The New Christs in 1984 to support Iggy Pop on his Australian tour of that year. A number of single releases featuring several line ups of friends followed before the band recorded and released their debut album 'Distemper' in 1989.

The current version of The New Christs - Younger (vocals), Jim Dickson (bass), Stuart Wilson (drums), Dave Kettley (guitar) and Brent Williams (guitar and keyboard) - were formed in 2006. With two European tours down they are finally set to debut their much anticipated LP in the U.S.

As Australia's most charismatic frontman, Younger has taken The New Christs on a journey that has lasted for parts of 29 years. Records, tours, and different members have all come and gone for The New Christs, but fans can rest assured because with a new LP comes another European tour in the coming months.

Track Listing: Try Something, My Existence, These Reasons, The Wheel, The Posse, Psych Nurse, Impossible Now, Animilization, Daddy's Calling, On All Fours, Bonsoir A Vous

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