09 November 2016

Jack Lee - Come Back and Stay



20 October 2016

Sad Vacation: The Last Days of Sid and Nancy

Sad Vacation: The Last Days of Sid and Nancy

Coming to Select Theaters and Home Video on December 9


SAD VACATION is the latest documentary film by Danny Garcia ("The Rise and Fall of The Clash"/"Looking for Johnny"), which explores Sid and Nancy's fateful trip to New York in 1978. It is a film that is dedicated to presenting the real facts; told as it happened by their friends and those who witnessed it. A film about the dynamics of Sid and Nancy's tumultuous relationship, and how it all ended in Room 100 of the Chelsea Hotel.

SAD VACATION includes interviews with Roberta Bayley, Steve "Roadent" Conolly, Donna Destri, Kenny "Stinker" Gordon, Bob Gruen, John Holmstrom, Hellin Killer, Walter Lure, Honest John Plain, Howie Pyro, Cynthia Ross, Andy Shernoff, Gaye Black, Casino Steel, Phyllis Stein, Sylvain Sylvain; in addition to the late Leee Black Childers and three key residents of the Chelsea Hotel, Victor Colicchio, "Neon" Leon Matthews, and Ned Van Zandt, who had a lot to say about the events that took place on October 12th 1978. Drawing upon their reflections and a batch of newly-released Grand Jury documents, "Sad Vacation" presents a solid timeline of events for the very first time.

Narrated by Huey Morgan (Fun Lovin' Criminals), SAD VACATION contains unseen photography of Sid and Nancy and music from The Heartbreakers, The Boys, The Members, Neon Leon, Pure Hell, Sami Yaffa, Luigi & The Wiseguys, Skafish, Corazones Muertos, The PrimaDonna Reeds, Supla, Silke Berlinn & The Addictions and Sid Vicious himself.

Sad Vacation: The Last Days Of Sid And Nancy


11/6 - London @ Picturehouse Central
11/8 - Los Angeles @ The Regent
11/18 - Philadelphia @ PhilaMOCA
11/27 - Austin @ The North Door
11/TBA - Chicago @ Brew & View
12/8 - San Francisco @ The Roxie
12/9 thru 15 - Boston @ Regent Theatre
...more TBA

19 October 2016


Legendary singer/songwriter Jack Lee has been on the radar of rock fans since the late '70s, when he formed the iconic power pop band The NERVES, alongside Paul Collins and Peter Case.

His songs have been covered by a multitude of artists (BLONDIE, SUZY QUATRO, CAT POWER, PAUL YOUNG), but fans have found his solo work very hard to come by prior to this release.

Bigger Than Life is a double album filled with 23 memorable songs, all reissued for the first time since the 1980s, and showcasing the incredible songwriting craft of this reclusive pop genius.

Jack Lee's Bigger Than Life will be available November 25th on limited edition colored vinyl and CD formats via Alive Naturalsound Records.

23 September 2016

A Quick Intro to Siouxsie and the Banshees from Robert 'carpeldiem' Harmon

Since it’s clearly the time to prematurely jump into the next holiday, you couldn’t go far wrong by pulling Juju, by Siouxsie and the Banshees, off the shelf and giving it a listen.


Co-joined with their just previous album Kaleidoscope, which now that I think of it is a great album to start the back-to-school season with, you will have many the listening hour accounted for.

Both these albums feature the extraordinary guitar virtuosity of the late John McGeoch--who played previously with “Wire” and later with “Public Image Ltd.”  More than just a technically brilliant guitarist, McGeoch was a multi-instrumentalist.  On “Kaleidoscope” he’s credited as composer, guitar, guitar (12 string), organ, saxophone, sitar, and synthesizer composer. 

Check out this great live version of Halloween to get a feel for that era’s edition of the band.

Making a great introduction to the band, after hearing these classics you may find yourself ruminating over the rest of their large recorded catalogue.

Siouxsie and the Banshees

Robert “carpaldiem” Harmon (Robert lives in the bustling metrozoid of Southwest Missouri, and usually folds when he has a full house. You should visit his website at isleofkong.com.)

07 September 2016

James White and The Blacks - Off White | A when the WAVE was NEW Review by Robert “carpaldiem” Harmon

James White & the Blacks (sometimes known as James Chance & the Contortions) had an album, Off White, that came out in 1979 and remains a seminal crossing of no-wave, avant- jazz, and funk/disco. If that amalgam of tags seems like a formidable brew to reconcile, let me tell you that in this sample it all works.

James White delivers a big plate full of Albert Aylerish sax sqonkings that never disappoint, and, some sweet sing/talking from the David Johansen school of street-wise. Their cover of “(Tropical) Heat Wave,” and the holiday favorite, “Christmas With Satan,” are hilarious.

“Off Black” is a relatively restrained instrumental track, but it gives you a chance to appreciate the spot-on arrangement and musicianship that might otherwise go unnoticed. The set closes out with three live performances that prove that things can, just barely, stay on the tracks in a live environment.

Coming from such a short-lived phenomenon as the no wave period in New York, NY, this music is extremely vital. If you can find it in vinyl, slap it on the slab, lend an ear and give up all your pain and suffering.

Off White

Robert “carpaldiem” Harmon 
Robert lives in the bustling metrozoid of Southwest Missouri, and usually folds when he has a full house. You should visit his website at isleofkong.com.

05 September 2016

Robert “carpaldiem” Harmon Reviews the Pain Teens - Born in Blood

Born in Blood by the Pain Teens is an album that can get you some strange looks if purchasing it at a used CD store.  Although most musical sites will have it classified as a mix of Goth and Industrial--which is apt-- that knowledge alone may not be enough to help you make an informed choice.

Even if you like it, and get it, playing it for the wrong person may get you a reaction similar to that gotten by Travis Bickle when he took Cybil Sheperd to the movies in “Taxi Driver.” 

The singing of Bliss Blood on “The Pleasures of the Flesh” makes the prospect of having your back broken as you wait for her attack seem like a profitable way to spend an afternoon. Some of this is likely to be considered non-music. Parts remind me of the Stooges’ “Funhouse,” but with a Butthole Surfers overbite.

Check out Desu Evol Yaw which is the Kinks song covered earlier on the album played backward, and you’ll think Phil Manzanera should be appearing in the credits. She Shook Me Has Bliss Blood’s vocal standing out against a haunting instrumental track. With this album, you have to let the music sink into you.


Robert “carpaldiem” Harmon - Robert lives in the bustling metrozoid of Southwest Missouri, and usually folds when he has a full house. You should visit his website at isleofkong.com.

25 July 2016

01 July 2016

20 June 2016

The Romantics Tour the US in Support of Forthcoming Album!

1980's music legends The Romantics, Wally Palmar, Mike Skill, Rich Cole and Brad Elvis, best known for their mega hit single “What I Like About You,” are touring the US in support of their forthcoming album to be released on K-Tel Records titled “Up From The Rubble”

While it's true that the Romantics took much of their simple thunder from the British Invasion, their primary influence was the Frenzied excitement of the late 60's Detroit rock scene. They cut their teeth on that High Energy sound characterized by the MC5, the Psychedelic Stooges, Bob Seger and the Last Heard, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, Scott Morgan's Rationals, SRC, and Garage icons the Underdogs, infusing it with sincerity, irony, spontaneity, and of course, Volume. The Romantics took the essence of this scene and translated it to suit their own modern experience. They favored short brash songs, “punk short” hair and popularized red leather suits.

After releasing their own independent single in 1977, consisting of the first two songs they had written - “Little White Lies” and “I Can't Tell You Anything” - The Romantics traveled east to establish an audience. Soon after Bomp Records' Greg Shaw sees them in Toronto and funds a single, which included “Tell It To Carrie,” “First In Line,” something of a stylistic matrix for The Romantics' music to come. The Romantics considered themselves well removed from the Sex Pistols' negativity. They didn't want Rock & Roll to go away rather they want, as Skill tells a reporter in 1979: “to still have fun with three chords.” The late 70's U.K. punk movement was then diluted and still misunderstood in America.

Through constant touring over three years and meetings with CBS Brass, Natt Weiss, & Nemperor A&R reps, they signed with Nemperor Records in 1979.

The 80's:
The original Romantics, Palmar, Skill, Cole and Marinos released their debut LP. Anchored by “What I Like About You,” “When I Look In Your Eyes” and a cover of The Kinks, Ray Davies' “She's Got Everything.” The album is an exemplary pop-rock period piece. The Romantics evoke a youthful portrait, haunting in its innocence, a direct contrast to the tough world they know in Detroit. Now nearly 30 plus years later they are still known for having created some of the most influential and beloved rock and roll of all time.

The 2nd record, “National Breakout” in late 1980, featuring standouts “Night Like This” and “Forever Yours” produced tours of Europe and Australia. The 3rd record “Strictly Personal” was released in1981. In 1983-84 they raised the bar with “In Heat” the platinum album bearing 2 top 10 singles, “Talking In Your Sleep” and “One In A Million” followed with a tour of Japan.

In late 1990, the Romantics added current Blondie drummer Clem Burke to the lineup, and in 1994 they released a 5 song EP titled “Made In Detroit” for Westbound Records, containing fellow Detroiter George Clintons' Funkadelic songs, “You & Your Folks.” And “I Wanna Know,” along with three originals. Later that year, The Romantics received an award for Outstanding Pop/Rock Recording Artists from the Motor City Music Awards in 1992.

1995 saw The Romantics settle their 7 year old lawsuit against their former management. The Romantics were presented with the Distinguished Achievement Award at the Detroit Music Awards in 1999. “61/49” was released in the fall of 2003 and named for the storied crossroads near Clarksdale, Mississippi where bluesman Robert Johnson made his pact with the devil. “61/49” is intended as a tip of the hat to the roots of rock 'n' roll and forms the nucleus of The Romantics' fervent pop.

21st Century Romantics:
Due to touring commitments with Blondie, Clem Burke recommended the addition of Brad Elvis. Regaled by both critics and fellow drummers for his precision beat-keeping and showmanship, Elvis is best known as a member of the Elvis Brothers, Screams and The Handcuffs. In addition to being a staple on classic and contemporary rock radio, television commercials and movies; Sirius/XM Satellite radio has also embraced The Romantics. Their songs can be heard on a number of stations including Little Steven’s Underground Garage.

2011 brought the re-emergence of original bass player, vocalist, Rich Cole and Mike Skill back on guitar. The band is now able to expand their set list and include more songs from their first two albums, and include new and unreleased material. This now allows them to focus on more harmonies and get back to their original rock sound that established The Romantics from the very beginning.

Once again much to the excitement of their fans worldwide, The Romantics Palmar, Skill, Elvis, and Cole are touring the US and Europe in support of their recently released singles from their highly anticipated new album release “Up From The Rubble” for summer 2016!

The Romantics tour dates:
July 02 - Kettering, OH - Fraze Pavillion for the Performing Arts (w/Rick Springfield, Night Ranger)
July 03 - Elgin, IL - Grand Victoria Casino (w/Rick Springfield, Loverboy)
July 04 - Kansas City, MO - Jackson County's Fourth of July
July 08 - Phoenix, AZ - Comerica Theatre (w/Rick Springfield, The Fixx)
July 09 - Las Vegas, NV - Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino (w/Rick Springfield)
July 12 - Saratoga, CA - Montalvo Arts Center (w/Rick Springfield)
July 15 - Lincoln, CA - Thunder Valley Resort Casino (w/Rick Springfield, 38 Special)
July 16 - Los Angeles, CA - Greek Theatre (w/Rick Springfield, Loverboy)
July 17 - Harrah's Resort SoCal - Valley Center, CA - The Events (w/Rick Springfield, Loverboy)
July 22 - Handen, CT - Town Center Park (w/The Smithereens) – free concert
July 29 - Bethlehem, PA - Musikfest Cafe
July 30 - Solomons, MD - Calvert Marine Museum (w/Rick Springfield, Night Ranger)
Aug 11 - Detroit, MI - Freedom Hill (w/Rick Springfield, Night Ranger)
Aug 12 – Molin,IL - IWireless Center (w/Rick Springfield, The Fixx)
Aug 13 - Council Bluffs, IA - Harrah's Casino Stir Cove (w/Rick Springfield, The Fixx)
Aug 18 - Brooklyn, NY - Coney Island Amphitheater (w/Rick Springfield, Night Ranger)
Aug 20 - Gruitroderkiezel, Belgium - Vostertfeesten Festival
Aug 23 - Asheville, NC - Biltmore Estate (w/Rick Springfield, Night Ranger)
Aug 25 - Raleigh, NC - The Red Hat Amphitheatre (w/Rick Springfield, Night Ranger)
Aug 26 - Charlotte, NC - Charlotte Metro Credit Union (w/Rick Springfield, Night Ranger)
Aug 27 - Myrtle Beach, SC - Myrtle Beach Speedway (w/Rick Springfield, Night Ranger) Tickets Free With Admission to Speedway
Aug 28 - Atlanta, GA - Chastain Park Amphitheater
Oct 07 - Petsokey, MI - Odawa Casino Resort
Nov 05 - Coachella, CA - Spotlight 29 Casino (w/ The Motels, The Smithereens)

Feb 14-18 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - The 80's Cruise - Celebrity Summit ( www.the80scruise)

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